Only boring people get bored


I am bored.

AW is working and I am trying to busy myself day after day in our apartment. I have already gone to the cinema and seen all the new releases that interested me (The Dictator, Amazing Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises – enjoyed all of them); I have edited about a million photographs (but I still have about a million to go and can’t face them); I have looked into areas in London we could live with a rental of 800pounds per month before council tax and bills which would still enable me to commute to my pre-Bangkok job (Hither Green looks likely by the way – zip into London Bridge on the train and bike to school from there – sorted! Also South London is an easy trip to Mum and Dad and several other lovely friends); I have planned what I am going to prepare for AW’s ‘surprise’ birthday do on Friday night.

15 weeks

I was disappointed today that the weekly ‘bump shot’ looks no bigger than last week. I suppose I have all that bump time ahead of me and shouldn’t complain while I still look relatively like my pre-pregnancy self, right? I suppose I expected another quick change seeing as the bump I am currently sporting popped out seemingly overnight. It looks and feels most pronounced when I am lying down – it looks like a little dome sticking up under my belly button.

14 weeks
15 weeks (today)

Speaking of lying down, I am quite uncomfortable in my sleep. I don’t mean that in the sense that I can’t sleep – more that I am having a bit of trouble following the advice not to sleep on my back. Sleeping on my back is wonderful. I have my arms raised above my head and go off like a baby (I feel that in the next year I will be challenging that idiom – won’t ‘sleeping like a baby’ seem like an oxymoron?). I am trying to sleep on my side, but I am experiencing some new pains and aches in my arms and legs from kind of squishing them through side sleep. Furthermore I am already experiencing what I think are some round ligament pains when I laugh, turn in bed, get up from lying down etc and can’t use my core the way I am used to. Can I continue on my back for a while? Any suggestions or opinions?

I don’t yet have this legendary ‘pregnancy glow’ either.  The skin (see previous post…), though still appalling, is now just old spots healing up and not angry new ones. Here’s hoping that hideous rash of spots was due to a onetime surge in something rather than a hormone that’s going to dog me til 37weeks.

Back to today

Now I have been for a little chat with my good friend (who is leaving for the UK tonight) I am feeling a bit better and a bit less bored. A few ideas for today (coz only boring people get bored):

  • Go to the BAMBI store which isn’t too far from home.
  • Go to the BACC to see what art is there
  • Register with some Stock Photography websites to see whether I can start to make some money from my photographs.
  • Read the first chapter of my friend’s novel.

Actually I think those things might cover tomorrow as well. And all of them are free (excluding those involving travel into town).

I know I often say how great my partner AW is, but just to finish off I want to say that she’s been headhunted twice in the last month for new projects (we think she probably won’t take them because with the twins coming it’s not a great time to start managing a new business from scratch), and has been asked by her current boss to replace him on a high profile job at the Singapore Grand Prix in September. She actually is a superchef.

Bye for now – and still sending baby dust and best wishes to any lovely ladies still waiting for their turn. Fingers crossed for you!



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