Civil Partnership ready to roll!

I received an email this morning from the lovely Ms Ha at the UK Embassy in Hanoi. The email said that our Notice of intention to marry had run its course without any person climing an impediment, so please could we inform them when we would like to carry out the registration. Hooray!

Because we are too short on cash to buy new rings to exchange for next month, we have sent our engagement rings back to the shop to have them made like new. We are not going to wear them until the time of our little registration when we will exchange them for the second time. For the same reason, we are not going to get the dresses yet. Later – next summer in the UK I think – we will have a little ‘wedding’ with my parents. That will be the time we introduce the twins to many friends as well. I can’t wait to plan that, but for now I will be wearing a lovely blue dress I already have (but have only worn once). AW also has a dress she wants to wear.

As the room is a very plain office and is not set up for any kind of ceremony, nad it isn’t a stunning old house, rather a floor in an office block, neither of us mind too much about postponing the marking of the occasion. That doesn’t mean that our little gang isn’t going take loads of pictures and have a great day, and I am really excited about the vows I am writing for AW too.

I can’t WAIT! Roll on August 20th!



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