Anjaree Thailand

Here is some info about a very important organisation for LGBT people in Thailand. Please share.

Bangkok Baby Project

Last Sunday I went to a really interesting workshop about same-sex unions and families in Thailand. A friend of mine, P’Tang has headed up this organisation for years and is really trying to get some momentum going.

The topics covered were the various struggles couples have faced regarding their same-sex orientation with respect to raising a family, and all the areas of law which need changing here for marriage equality. In fact, marriage law still isn’t equal for both participants in a heterosexual marriage, so this also needs urgently addressing. There is also a law here that transgender people cannot legally change gender, so even a full MTF still has to use ‘Mr’ on all official documentation. I had a really hard time keeping up with the Thai – a lot of the vocab was specific to law and subjects I have never before discussed / or listened to, but there were a couple…

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