Fires, zits, bulges

Well here is the first official post on the Double Trouble blog – I feel there is a lot to cover! First things first though, this morning’s drama: we awoke in the early morning to a nasty smell wafting into our bedroom through the open window. Turns out that it was smoke from a fire – and it seemed to be very close, as i could see the light from the flames reflecting orange light outside the window. We panicked a bit, as we’d obviously been breathing in some crap for some time. AW actually climbed out of the window to see where the smoke was coming from. It was coming from our building, a few floors down! That got me more panicked as it had not even occurred to me. The building has a fire alarm, after all. Doesn’t it? That, dear reader, remains the million dollar (baht?) question – no harm came to anyone, but the whole thing was handled with gross negligence. In Thailand, condos have receptionists and during the night they are replaced with cheerful guards (yams) in jaunty little uniforms. The yams told us several times not to pull the fire alarms, but we ignored them when they couldn’t explain why they weren’t sounding. While we were downstairs they other yams were apparently knocking on all the doors. We later saw some friends of ours who sleep with the air-con later in the morning, and they literally had no idea that there had been a fire. You might say, as our condo management probably will, that surely the fire was not a big problem, but that’s missing the point. The point is that that family who had no idea there was a fire could have continued to have no idea till they were trapped.

Anyway, onto the pregnancy..! The good news is that the unrelenting nausea (and that associated with my food poisoning) has in fact relented. As promised, approaching wk 15 I feel pretty good. I think I’m a little on the skinny side, due to all that rather pathetic eating during trimester 1.

belly on Monday at 14wks. It has really popped out suddenly.

The other thing that’s really changed along with the belly popping is my skin. I mean, in my late teens and early 20s I did suffer a bit from acne, and it affected my confidence but in the last 10 years or so I haven’t been afflicted at all. Until now. I’m REALLY affected at the moment and it makes me feel just as ugly as it did back then. I don’t think I have ever had skin this bad before. It’s mostly on my left side around my jaw and down my neck too. Fingers crossed there are no new ones coming (gross photo alert).



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