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You may be coming to this blog as a follower of Bangkok Baby Project, in which case you will know something about my partner and I already. If so, you can stop reading this page here, and thanks for picking up our story again.

I am a British lesbian living in Bangkok. I didn’t expect to be here more than two years before I returned to my native London, but quite soon after I arrived I met the most amazing woman. To cut a long story short, almost three years later we live together in Bangkok and we are preparing for the arrival in our lives of not one, but two babies.

Our first blog proved invaluable to me as a place to express and explore my feelings regarding the process of trying to conceive. It was similarly invaluable as a community of support from other women going through the acutely painful experiences associated with unexplained infertility. I feel I have made some friends from different corners of the world, and I hope they will choose to follow our continuing journey at ‘Double Trouble Bangkok’. However, now I have conceived and passed the first trimester, I have become uneasy about continuing to blog about my  pregnancy and upcoming birth in a community where many members have not yet been so lucky. YET. While I realise that our success and joy to some extent provides hope and inspiration, I know from my own experiences it is a bittersweet sensation to hear that others have conceived while you’re still trying. Infertility truly is something more painful than you can imagine, unless it’s happened to you. I don’t want to be posting happy pictures of my bump and complaining about how fat I am in the face of others’ far more potent suffering.

I still want to write, but now my subject matter has shifted. Here I hope to connect with other pregnant women and lesbians, share my experiences and also hopefully share the unique concerns, strains and pleasures of being pregnant with and before too long, mums to twins.


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